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When you hear the term psychic, you most like imagine someone dressed in a costume, wearing a turban and looking into a crystal ball. This is a stereotype that has persisted for years, and MDH Psychic LLC dispels that stereotype every day. I provide practical, healing-based psychic services to members of the Yakima, WA community.

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Continuing education and psychic vetting

I'm continually fine-tuning my skills as a psychic medium by taking classes in mediumship development. I have also taken psychic detective classes and am a member of the Bob Olsen psychic directory of officially vetted mediums. I work with high-profile clients as well as law enforcement to solve cold cases and to find missing persons.

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Compassionate and confidential sessions

A session with me will always begin with calling in angels to say prayers. My goals for looking into your life or connecting with your loved ones are to provide peace and to promote the greatest good. My work is trusted by other mediums, and I have many satisfied clients.

All sessions are confidential and personalized. My psychic services include:

  • In-person psychic medium sessions
  • Remote psychic medium sessions
  • Remote psychic reading sessions
  • Group mediumship sessions
  • Remote pet sessions
  • Home or office smudging

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