Reading Types

A psychic reading with Melissa Henyan is unlike any other. Melissa will use her natural abilities to prepare you for what's ahead and help you look into areas of your life that you may actually be hiding from. Sometimes we think if we don't "look" at the issue, it's not there, when in fact, it is and it can be growing or festering causing a lot of un-needed stress or even anger. Melissa will help you address the hidden. A reading can cover all aspects of your life, family, love, relationships, finances, career, health, spiritual guidance and more.

A mediumship reading will connect you to those who have passed into the Spirit realm. While Melissa does not guarantee that the loved one you are hoping to connect with, will step forward during your session, she does promise a session that will open your mind to amazing new concepts and messages giving you much validation from Spirit. If you look at a mediumship reading as Spirit's time to give their loved ones a message, you will not be disappointed. Going into a mediumship reading, Melissa suggests keeping an open mind and, if possible, have a basic knowledge of loved ones and even friends that are in Spirit. Now sometimes that's not feasible, so coming into a reading with an open-mind is her best advice.

Communicating with your pet is something we all can do and Melissa will assist you, giving you tips to communicate with your pet during a pet reading. A pet reading is an excellent choice if you are wanting connect on a much deeper level with your furry friend. Melissa has made connections with turtles, lizards, snakes, fish, horses, pigs, dogs, cats and many others in the animal kingdom.

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