Jennifer and Poppy

Meet Poppy. A very energetic and easily triggered, yet very special canine companion for Jennifer. Jennifer reached out to me to see if we could help Poppy with 'that' excess energy and very dramatic response to visitors and those walking past her.

One of the very first things that Poppy had to share was that she is a rambunctious puppy and needs lots of exercise and positive direction. Secondly, she showed me how she's here to help her mom, aka, Jennifer, with her own excess energy, because any additional energy from Jennifer, stimulated Poppy even more- hence Jennifer had to learn to understand what she was adding to the mix.
Animals are our mirrors. They will show us exactly what we need to work on within ourselves. I know, right?! Amazing stuff. Poppy sent me images to show me what things are going on in her life so I explained to Jennifer that I was seeing a small truck with Poppy was in the back. "Nope", she says. "We do not have a truck". I continued to draw what I was seeing and after a moment Jennifer remembered that Poppy had a photo taken in this small toy truck. After our session and after I sent her my notes, she sent me the wonderful picture that Poppy was referring to. This photo validated for Poppy's mom, that animals do, can and will send us images and we can and should be reciprocating by sending them images as well.

Many thanks to Jennifer and Poppy for both pictures.

Lost Brother

As a medium, it is not uncommon for me to hear a client say, "that makes no sense" and initially it can be a little off-putting because you always want your clients to understand the information that you're giving them. However, sometimes we don't know, what we don't know, and I have learned that SPIRIT, knows what they're doing. Case in point is this reading I had with a wonderful woman named Jeri. During her reading, a young male came through and kept telling me he was her brother. Jeri tells me, "Melissa, I have no brothers in Spirit." With that, we move on, but Jeri takes note of the brother. Fast forward 2 years and I receive this message from Jeri, telling me that someone she did not even know existed reached out to her telling her she is her niece and that her dad, Mike, who is in Spirit, was Jeri's brother that she knew nothing about and they had the DNA to prove it!

This is one of my all-time favorite lessons from Spirit. Even if something said makes no sense at the time, I will always continue sharing what Spirit offers.