Reading Your Energy and Connecting With Your Spirit

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The long-term purpose of psychic readings is to provide insight into your journey and even validate for you, issues you are hiding or burying, that are holding you back from living your best life. I will connect with your team of guides and angels, and then assist you in connecting with them, on your own.

What are guides?
What are Angels?
Who is on your team?

These are all common questions and excellent ones at that! Guides are basically our Spiritual counterparts. While we choose to incarnate, our guides stay in energetic form and assist us on our journey.

We have a team of guides and can work with dozens on any given day. This Spiritual Team consists of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Guides, Angels, Animal Guides and elementals. I know that last one got me too. I was like...nope, nope, nope. But then I had some experiences that changed my mind. I do feel there is a hierarchy to their order and have placed them accordingly on the list. Now, can a medium give you names of your guides? Yes. However, I fully believe the name isn't the key here. It's not so important to Spirit. It's more important to you. So, if a medium gives you the names of your guides, what you need to follow up with is a guided meditation to meet them yourself. During this guided meditation, you are going to ask them, "What shall I call you?". That is the name you'll use. You can also ask your guides to share how they work with you. What is their purpose? Also ask how you can assist them.

Can we share the same guides as our friends? Yes, we absolutely can. While we may feel that we have such a crazy life there's no way our guides can help others...the simplistic answer is that our guides are not restricted to a physical body therefore they can move around much easier.

Going into your psychic reading can be a little daunting so I suggest you take a few moments prior to your session and practice "box breathing". What is that you ask? Box breathing is, inhaling for the count of four, filling your belly and lungs with air, holding that inhale to the count of four and then releasing all air from your body, through your mouth, by pushing your belly button into your spine, then you hold the exhale for the count of four. We humans are shallow breathers, as a rule of thumb, and this deep breathing technique can help center you and calm nerves.

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