Building a Bridge Between This Life and Beyond

Connect with a psychic medium in Yakima, Seattle, WA & surrounding areas.

A psychic medium, such as myself, communicates with the spirits of the dead. MDH Psychic LLC provides a connection between you and a deceased loved one. No medium can guarantee a connection will occur during any given session, but it is always possible.

A session with a psychic medium is multidimensional. You will receive input by:

  • Talking about what you or your loved one has gone through
  • Discussing your or your loved one's life
  • Receiving advice or suggestions
  • Talking about previous events

It's impossible to know what may or may not come through during psychic medium readings. It's important to have an open mind and accept the experience. Sessions may be individual or with a group, and sage-ing or cleaning of bad energy can be done, as well.

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Translating pain into progress - "The only way to get through grief is to go through grief"

Grief: This five-letter word deserves our respect and understanding. It is not something we can easily dismiss. Instead, it is something to see, to feel and yes, even to value. Why would I value grief? Good question! Because it tells you how blessed you have been to love so much that someone's presence or an experience is deeply missed. While grief is a difficult process to move through, it is imperative that you do. You might be surprised to learn that grief is a response to more than just physical death. It shows up after a breakup, a divorce, after losing a job and even after a friendship dissolves. It is imperative for your mental health, to work through the grief and not stuff it down inside.

I ask all clients to give themselves anywhere from 3 to 6 months of healing from a loved one's death, prior to booking with me. That time is for the client to begin the healing process.

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