My Story

I think it's very important to have an understanding of any psychic medium you plan to connect with. I feel it aides in the connection you have with them, as it can offer insight into how they operate and their intentions so this is why I wanted to share a bit of my story. While I'm not sure how common my story is, I can tell you it's a rapidly changing story and I am excited to share it with you. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Melissa Henyan and I'm a psychic medium/animal intuitive. I live in Washington State with my husband Kurtis of almost 29 years. I am also an everyday average person who deals with normal everyday life. I have raised two children; Angel and Derek. Angel lives in Alaska with my granddaughter and my son Derek resides in the Spirit world. I currently have 3 horses, Mel, Tucker and Moxie, but I'm looking to bring in a 4th sometime this year. Pssst, don't tell my husband. I have 3 dogs (aka, fur kids), Gretta, Annie and Gunner and I have 4 chickens and 2 roosters.

Before I became immersed in mediumship and developing my psychic abilities, which we all have by the way, I had just started giving riding/training clinics, which I had advanced to after years of giving riding and training lessons. I was giving lessons to a handful of clients on weeknights after work and weekends, but then something started changing and becoming more and more prominent and I could no longer ignore things that were happening to me: things I felt, saw and heard. My entire life has been a roller coaster ride, but the last 14 years have been an incredible journey of heartbreak, sorrow, Spiritual and personal growth and I'm excited to share those experiences and lessons with you. I have been intuitive all my life- seemingly just knowing things. I did not understand why other people did not "just know" and it took a lot of self-discovery on my part, to understand what and who I am and why did I just know. I'm still growing and learning and becoming a better version of myself, each and every day and it is this knowledge through my self-awareness journey that I am excited to share with you.

I invite you to read my blogs, where I share stories and experiences. In this now, 2020, my goal is to create weekly blogs on my journey and also on my readings. I connect with so many people with such amazing, inspirational stories and while we'll keep their identity safe, I will share parts of their reading that Spirit feels is important.

You can find my page here: