Sunday Evening Visitation

November 29, 2015

Wow! I just had 4 and a half days off of work and I'm sitting here realizing I have not prepared anything for next week. Ummm, errrrr, this week.


I had the most wonderful few days off of work and I enjoyed spending time with family and very dear friends. While I am incredibly thankful for my job, as days progress I find myself thinking, I would be an AMAZING LOTTERY WINNER. I would. I would share the love. Give back to society. Give, give, give. I mean, who wouldn't right?!


I'm mumbling. I'm tired. My brain is kind of on but not really. I think it's more of in a pause phase. You know how you can push pause but the station is on, but nothing is happening? That's me right now. My eyes are open. My brain is on, at least enough for me to type. But there really aren't a lot of thoughts coming in. Usually I am inundated with thoughts and as of late, if I'm open to messages from Spirit, I notice I get quite a few.


Okay, heard tapping from the second floor and had a mild fright fest.  I did slowly turn around praying nothing was up here or behind me.  So, it was my husband who was making tea and tapping it onto the counter??? I don't know. He's as silly as I am.  :)


Well, now my mind is going! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Now that my mind is on, I will share my morning visit with you.  This morning as I was online shopping for Christmas presents, I had some incense burning and my computer room is my son's former bedroom. He says to me, "we're not supposed to smoke in the house". Yes, thank you buddy! LOL. So of course, I immediately had to share that with the bestie, aka Pam. Because really, who else would believe me? I mean, come on, I'm having a conversation with my son...who now resides in the Spirit world. Do I visit with him often? Absolutely. I try to daily. Some days I really feel him and some days I feel like I'm full of shit. Today, I really felt him.


One day, as I was leaving work, I felt him and he said, "Mom, I'm going to need you to be extra careful on the drive home." I knew it was him but still thought I was crazy. None the less, as I left work I slowed down and made sure to look both directions before I pulled out onto State Route 823. From Harrison, I turn right, onto 823 and on this day, while I always look left, I took and extra breath and looked right and wow am I glad I did. As I looked and started to pull out, a motorcycle decided to pass a car at that intersection. So, if I would not have looked right and taken extra time, I would have hit the motorcycle head on. Now everyone knows you don't pass in an intersection especially when the people you pass could very well be turning left. It was a stupid and irresponsible choice for the motorcycle driver to make that day but luckily my son gave me a heads up to be extra careful. Does this happen a lot? Yes. It does. I get messages from my guides as well. We all do. We must believe it for ourselves.


When we get “thoughts” that seem to come from nowhere, I would suggest those are your guides or loved ones in Spirit. Unless they’re violent in nature, and telling you to do something bad, well, then those messages you should always disregard and please see a therapist.