This post really got my attention. I have been excluded, because of who was included, many times in my life and it's not a nice feeling- What that told me was that I wasn't as important, needed or loved and let's just be honest, it feels pretty awful. I've been excluded while at my own party, honoring my deceased son- where emotions are already "boogered up". Again, I was not included because of who WAS included. I also have chosen to exclude someone- because I wanted the person who excluded me, to know how that felt. TEACHING MOMENT, DO UNTO OTHERS as you would have done onto you. NOT as they do unto you. No matter how rudely someone treats you, what you put out, you get back. Always. Sometimes, even when we know this, it's still difficult to release the emotions attached to the pain, then the vindictive patterns ensue. What my actions did was perpetuate a cycle of exclusion- It did not end it. In fact, it increased it as I watched as someone else included themselves into the situation- not on my behalf either. Even though I followed up the pattern thrown at me, the energy still came at me, not in defense of me. WHAT TANGLED WEBS WE WEAVE WHEN FIRST WE PRACTICE TO DECEIVE. The moral of the story is that we must always be honest and upfront with our feelings because that is how we move forward and past our hurts. Acknowledge it and address it. NIP THAT SHIT IN THE BUD. Put out what you want to receive. FINAL THOUGHT to go with this: Do not insert yourself into something you know nothing about. Love everyone. It's not easy and no one is perfect, but you will feel better when you do and you will be proud of yourself when you know you are being the kindest person YOU can be. Side note, I will happily throw myself under the proverbial bus if it will help someone on their path. I will own my shit as I work on myself and grow into the person I am meant to be.