WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm not sure how else to define everything I experienced this past weekend.

February 6, 2016

I have so much to share. 


My weekend kicked off by flying out first thing Friday morning to Seattle.  I was up at 3 a.m., showered and at the airport by 4:15.  Once in Seattle I grabbed my shuttle and headed to the hotel.  On the way to the hotel the shuttle driver and I just laughed and laughed. It was as if we'd known each other forever. And it was almost like I took off my dark, dreary and somber veil and just stepped into the light.  Shit, it was like the doors just opened up for me.  I don't know how else to explain it. In fact, I was so comfortable with this person that when he asked why I was in Seattle I told the truth.  I shared that I'm a psychic medium and I'm attending the “I CAN DO IT” event!   He didn't even flinch, and he also did not ask me for a reading, which is rare but more so it’s rare that he didn’t flinch or curl up.  We talked about Seattle, we talked about funny stuff, and then, at the hotel's front door I was!  I was so pleased with this experience that I tipped him $20.  EEEEK.  I tell myself; he must have needed it more than I did. 


After a coffee and little bit of waiting, my bestie shows up, loses her keys in her purse and spends 15 minutes with the valet staring at her.  LOL!!  Finally, she comes into the hotel and we have a wonderful breakfast and then we walk to the convention center to see where we would be the following day, then we decide to UBER it over to Pikes Market. 


This is our third trip to Pikes together and the first for just us two.  It was so fun.  We found some Spiritual stores and bought some fantastic items.  We then when to the restaurant where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed and had an amazing lunch!  Not okay, not good, but amazing.  I highly recommend the clam chowder in the bread bowl. Mmmmmm.  Pam had the fish tacos and they looked absolutely amazing as well.


We shopped some more and then headed to the hotel, but this time chose to walk.  It was a little over a mile, I think.  Not too awful but boy the characters come out to play in Seattle.  The mix of people amazes me.  You're walking by these "posh" stores and then feel like you're going to be mugged too.


After dinner we drove to the airport to pick up the besties' husband who has been working out of town then head back to hotel, he drops us off and heads home while we get up to our room.  Finally, about 11 p.m., I hit the bed and I snored and drooled all night!  I slept better than I’ve slept for a long time.


Day Two

Oh geez... We were both incredibly excited.  We slept in until after 8.  Showered and headed to breakfast and then over to the convention center.   I wasn't sure what to expect from the weekend.  But I was happy to be there.  So, we get there and head up the "Stairway to Heaven" to get our seats.  We were just 4 rows back.  Neither of us were familiar with the speaker.  However, we were apparently missing out because she's amazing: Colette Baron-Reid.  She shared her story and after a bit she was giving readings. I was thrilled because I had no idea they would be doing readings.  Pretty soon she looked in my direction and asked if someone had a lost a son.  I held my hand up and within seconds I was up on the stage.  Derek, my son, came through very strong.  He told on me.  At first, I was like, Uh, no, I don't sit on the potty and talk to him...but I do!  I talk to him everywhere. So basically, he said, MOM, no talking in the restroom, but the kitchen window is fine.  He also told her to give me all the gifts she brought to hand out.  Yes, yes, he did. Well, that's not embarrassing.  So, she was amazing and let me pick something:  I chose Oracle Cards and then she gave me a book called, "Messages from Spirit".  I thanked her, hugged her, and off I went. Then we stood in line to get it signed.  However, she put my name in it, not hers.  LOL. Is that common?  I told Pam, "I already know who I am.  I wanted to see her name."  Goodness that's funny.


I was trying to soak it all in. I needed to thank him, I needed to thank her...I felt apologetic to those who did not receive a message...   And here's the thing, even though I talk to him all of the time, it's still unbelievably special when someone else brings him through.   I'm so grateful for this experience.  I can't even say how much. 


After that we saw Nick Ortner who "wrote the book on Tapping". It's an amazing process.  I've done this in EMDR therapy.  It resets you, basically.  It helps you process your emotions.  He took the group through a few of the processes and it was incredible.  I learned a bit about myself. For the first tapping he walked us through, I was surprised by what came up.  So, he's doing this tapping with us and then we get to this part where you envision guess what comes right to the forefront! My dad. The heartbreak from being called, "Stupid" and "dumb" and "worthless". Seems to have really been focused around the age of 5 cause that's where I saw myself.  So, the tapping brings up all this pain and you cry and cry, well, I did, and then, the power of that pain is gone.  All those stuck emotions have a way of releasing. How beautiful is that?


I loved this so much that afterwards I bought my husband the DVD's to help him with his pain. For those who don't know, he's had 17-19 surgeries (I've lost count).  His most recent surgery to fuse his neck set him back a lot.  The pain is unbearable.  So, I am really hoping this helps him.


So, back at Nick's class, he brought three women who suffer from pain up on stage and it turned out the three ladies all suffered from ABANDONMENT ISSUES.  Hmmm, I thought, that's sad. I have issues but I do not have abandonment issues. Nick seems to think everyone does. He's wrong, I don't... ah fuck.  So, guess what...I do. Shit!  He says, I want you to envision no more than two people who've abandoned you or caused you pain. AH HELL.  So, I cannot restrict it to two. I get the damn drill team I rode with. I felt all the times I wasn't included, all the times I was looked over for their year-end awards, the time I was pushed to camp away from them team at a rodeo, the times I was dismissed or not good enough...I saw their faces, I felt the shame, I felt myself trying so hard to belong. I felt the time I was hauling my horse following a team member because I did not know how to get to the rodeo grounds in Ellensburg, and my electrical system freaked out, so I had to pull over...she kept going. Didn't pull over to see if I was okay nor did her passenger call me.  I called them when I got the electrical issue figured out. That made no sense to me...but it did tell me I didn't matter.  I felt the time when a new member was so excited because the team chose to hold off on an event until she could attend, and she felt so special. I was so heartbroken because in the same situation, years before, I practically begged for them to wait on an event until I could participate, and it did not happen.  So here I am with 600 strangers with a very raw heart.  Feeling all that shame and all those times I was looked over or pushed aside. Guess what...the tapping relieved it. Man was I in shock when all of that came up and I was relieved when It was able to safely release.  And to get past it, you have to go through it.


Afterwards I said to Pam, I didn't think I had abandonment issues. And she said, Oh honey...the drill team.  =) She’s pretty smart.


Last class of the day was Sandra Anne Taylor and she helped us with regression.  She talked about how our past lives are connected to this life and how we carry forward information from each life.  And honestly, I cannot remember much more but I did take notes and I will review those soon.  I know I learned a little bit that surprised the hell out of me:  like, I was a male in a past life and a tribal leader.  I was also tortured. SHIT. That explains the need to be free and not be restricted. That's bothered me my whole life. I hate when someone grabs my wrists or ankles. Now I know why.


For this evening we went to a wonderful restaurant just down the block from our hotel. It was the Dragon Fish Asian Cafe. Again, highly recommend. I've NEVER had sushi before, and wow am I glad I went. I'm hooked.


Day Three

Our final day.  The first conference for the day, Teal Swan. Now I've been following her for a while, and I am pretty excited, so I want to be early and get up front and we were able to do that.  II really enjoyed her.  Instead of planning her talk, she waits to read the room. Meaning, she picks up on our energy and goes from there.  She brought two people up on stage and worked with them.  I thought it was incredibly interesting. 


Oh, before she entered the room, everyone was taking their personal items, such as crystals, to the podium.  Apparently, her energy gives them an amazing charge. I was not brave enough to do that, but I thought it was interesting.


Our next speaker was Denise Linn and if you do not know who that is, you have got to google her.  Her story will break your heart and her success will mend it.  I don't want to give too much, but you need to google her.  She also did a regression and this time I was in outer space!!! WHAT THE????   I don't know. I'm not sure what that means but I will tell you I saw a moon suit, floating and I saw stars...lots and lots of stars.  Now make note of that because that's going to come up again soon.   I don't quite know what that meant, I'm sure it was symbolic of something but I've yet to figure that out.  



The final speaker of the weekend was James Van Praagh.  He's shorter than I thought...just 5'2.  He scared me a little. He requires a very quick response and a loud one.  He connected with several and then he starts describing a young man, just 22 when he passed, brown hair, medium build, died suddenly....and says, raise your hand if you understand this and my world went blank and I felt like sinking in my chair because, OMG, how rude to steal two readings.... Pam's voice softly said, "Go ahead, raise your hand". I said, "SHIT".   Of course, I was thrilled and happy. And so, he came forward to give me more validation. He gave us a beautiful message for his dad. James also brought up, "the stars".  Apparently, I'd been doing some star gazing and at that moment my son was with me.  So initially I thought it was just something I do at home.  However, while standing in line for the book, it dawned on me that he was with me for the regression:  where I was in outer space with all the stars- my son's soul was with me.  


As he closed from the reading, James then gave me his book and some beautiful tulips, "from my son".  Best Valentines gift ever! 


As I was sitting there thinking about what just happened, a lady ran up to me and got my email so she could send me the recording.  So I'll post that as soon as I figure out how.


After the reading, of course I wanted to meet him.  All weekend, what I was hoping was that one of the mediums there would say, "Oh, you are a medium too".  HA! I was looking for validation from them. Why?  I already know what I can do but why do I need them to tell me I can?  Well Shazam.  I decided to tell James and well, I am going to be taking his Mediumship class with the bestie. YAY. He asked what sign I am and I proudly stated, "Scorpio" and he said, well dear you're a natural born medium.   Yes, yes that made me smile so much.